Apr 25, 2010

Banana Mixture

   This is specially meant for kids.During our school days my mother makes this on weekends.This is very healthy and tasty for those kids who doesnt like banana.

Banana          - 1
Egg                - 1
Cashew          - 5
Almonds        - 5
Raisins          - 8
Sugar            - 1 tsp
ghee              - 2 tsp

Method of preparation
     Cut the banana into small pieces.Heat a frying pan and put 2tsp ghee into it.Add the banana and fry till it turns golden brown.then add egg and mix it well.once the egg also gets fried add cashew,almonds and raisins and fry it.Finally add sugar into it and fry for sometimes...Itz a must try out snack....



Suhaina said...

simple and healthy.Children will like this very much.

Shabs.. said...

U r from malabar region arent u?...thats a guess ketto.....u got exaclty the same food as we make at our home...:)...pathiri is our sthiram dinner, and to be frank i used to hate it.....ippo when i dont get it and i make it very rarely, it tastes heavenly....i'll follow u to keep the things u post...love to see someone cooking similar foods...Nice to meet u roshu.