Apr 25, 2010

Chicken Burger

Burger bun - 1
Egg- 1
Chicken burger- 1
Onion slices in round- 2 pieces
Tomato slices in round - 2 pieces
Sliced cheese- 1
French fries- 2 pieces
Cabbage slices- 3 pieces
Oil to fry
Pepper powder- 1 tsp
salt a pinch

    Fry the chicken burger on a pan with a little oil.on another pan fry the egg(bulls eye) and spread some pepper and salt in it and fry this side also(double sided).Slit the burger bun into two and on the lower part fo the bun keep the burger and on the top the sliced cheese.Then keep the tomoto pieces,sliced onion,cabbage,french fries and the fried egg.On the top keep the upper layer of the bun.Either microwave it for 5 minutes or in a pan heat it.

Taste it and pass on your suggestions.



Suhaina said...

As simple as that. Very nice Roshna.

Anonymous said...

its like a frog opend mouth