Jul 8, 2010

Kerala pathiri

Pathiri is one of the specialities of kerala muslim cuisine.It is mainly served on occassions like ramadan but in my place itz a weekly once main course for our dinner.There are several types of pathiris like meen pathiri,chemmeen pathiri,erachi pathiri,neipathiri,kakka pathiri,kai pathiri etc.etc.Here i present u te most simple pathiri not that thin and not that thick.I fyou eat with chicken or beef curry u will really like it.

Rice powder roasted-1 glass
Water - 1 glass
Salt to taste
Oil-1 tsp

Boil water.Add enough salt and 1 tsp of oil.Slowly add rice powderstirring continuously.Switch of the stove and pour the content into a big plate.Wait till it reach a warm condition.Then knead it and make dough.The softness and the puffiness of the pathiri depends on how well u knead it.Take pieces from the dough as we do for chappathis.Make ball and press it using the chappathi press.Place a tawa on medium flame ad when tawa is hot place the pathiri on it.U can see the steeam passes in a few seconds.Then turn the pathiri and wait for sometimes till the ends of the pathiri is little crispy or cooked.but it should not be brown.Turn again,soon u can see the pathiri puffs up.Remove from the pan.Pour two table spoons of cocnut milk on pathiri or jz dip in coconut milk and keep in other plate before serving.Chicken curry,beef curry,fish curry and egg curry are the best combination for pathiris..



Nitha said...

Good one Roshu.. Even I prepare this often..


Looks perfect and beautiful click too...

Suhaina said...

hi Roshu.. u have made my favorite.. its my die for dish. i love to saok in coconut milk and have with spicy chicken curry.love it. u have done it nicely..which part of Kerala are u from???

Maria said...

Hi Roshna

Happy to see your blog! You have a good variety of recipes here :)

All the best & keep going :)


Roshu said...

Hi suhaina,
am frm ernakulam...but my father is frm kannur..

Malar Gandhi said...

I always wanted to try pathiri at home, its quite tempting recipe...looks delicious.