Jul 8, 2010

Double layered apple shake

Shakes are the weapon to butter my hubby when he is back from gym.He was very much impressed of this shake and i was sooo happy that he had 2 glasses of my new experiment.Usually i experiment shakes on my brother but now he is in india so my husband who is very health conscious is forced to be my prey of experiments.

Apple - 1
Milk - 1 glass
Sugar - 2 tsp
Powdered cardamom - a pinch
Cashew -5

Freeze the milk.Blend it well with cashew,sugar and powdered cardamom,this will be thick enough.pour it in a glass.
Then blend one apple by adding a little sugar(dont add water).pour it on the top of the above milk shake.While drinking mix it well and use....u ll enjoy for sure.



Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy would definitely try it

Suhaina said...

wow. what a beauty,, looks good

Neetz said...

this i have bookmarked next time some one comes i will try this for sure :)...

Roshu said...

Thanx a lot for ur appreciated comments.

Chaitra said...

wow,very well presented.This looks rich,delicious n inviting.
Do drop in sometime

shaina said...

oh wow.... simple and very tempting. next time wen i visit there make it for me...