Sep 25, 2011

Egg Kurma/

Chettinadu Egg Curry

                I have been making the egg curry in  somewhat similar way for what seems like forever, and last week i decided itz high time to try something new with boiled eggs. I have the book '50 great curries of india' by Camellia Panjabi and decided to give her recipe Egg Kurma(Chettinad) a try.This recipe is definitely something i'm gonna treasure,coz my husband appreciated me a lot.


Eggs (hard boiled) - 6nos
Coriander Powder - 3tsp
Chili Powder or Paprika - 1 1/2tsp
Fennel Seeds - 1tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/2tsp
Fresh Ginger -1/2inch piece
Garlic Cloves - 2nos
Coconut Milk - 200ml or 1 cup
Oil - 2tbsp
Fenugreek Seeds - 1/2tsp
Fennel seeds -1/2tsp (set 2)
Cinnamon Sticks - 2 inch piece
Onions - 225gms or 2 nos. (finely chopped)
Tomatoes: 225gms or 2 nos.(finely chopped)
Salt as per taste
Lime Juice - of 1/2 a lime (i dint use this)


* Boil the eggs.Peel the eggs and halve them lengthways

*Put coriander powder, chili powder, fennel and cumin seeds, turmeric powder, ginger and garlic into a blender with 2 tbsp water and puree into a thick paste.

*Put the coconut into a blender with 400ml of warm water. Liquidise, then strain the coconut milk and set aside.

*Heat the oil in a kadai/wok and fry the fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and the cinnamon for 10seconds. Add the onion and fry until lightly coloured. Add the spice paste and saute for 7 minutes. (It will darken in colour since it contains a lot of coriander.) Add a few drops of water if it sticks to the bottom of the kadai. Then add the tomatoes and saute for another 2-3minutes.

*Add 600ml (1/2pint) of warm water with salt to taste, cover and simmer for 20 minutes, to make a smooth gravy. just before serving, add the coconut milk and bring to boil. Add the lime juice(since we r using 2 tomatoes,i dint use lime juice), taste and add more salt if necessary, and gently lay in the hard boiled eggs with the yellow facing upwards. Carefully scoop into a serving dish.

If you want to freeze this curry, omit the coconut and eggs, but add lime juice and salt and freeze. Then use it to make egg curry as and when you need, topping it with coconut milk at the time of reheating.You can serve this with appam,idiyappam,pathiri...


Recipe adapted from : 50 great curries of india-Camellia Panjabi


Padhu said...

Egg kurma looks so tempting

Neetz said...

lovely!! vayil vellam varrunu..

Amina Khaleel said...

Wow.. your egg curry looks delicious.. bookmarking it...

Saji said...

This looks very yummy!!
FIrst tym here....

Babli said...

Egg kuma looks spicy, yummy and tempting. Perfect with chapati.

Anonymous said...

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Sini Menon said...

egg curry looks yummy. Would try to prepare this dish. Good work roshu

Suhaina said...

i want some right now..sure will make it this week..wonderful recipe..

Cycling Chef said...

The photo of your curry looks like ours! As of Feb. 2012 we've cooked 27 of the recipes from "50 Great Curries of India" recipe book. Only a few have turned out looking like the photos, but most are delicious! Check out the progress of our 50 Curries Project on my blog: Cycling Chef in the VeloKitchen.